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  • November 13, 2021
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Tekla Software E-Learning

Tekla Software Virtual Training, Tekla Structures 21.1 software, sometimes known as XSTEEL, is a very popular, efficient and professional software. For the very advanced and modern design and modeling of huge metal and concrete structures such as stadiums and towers for the use of civil engineers, structures and manufacturers of executive plans and builders of steel structures. Which is able to analyze and design all structures by 3D modeling of them. This software has this capability while providing an easy environment and proper use. To produce all structural drawings up to the level of workshop drawings with all details and information completely automatically and without the need for any manual drawing. The steel part of this software is known as Xsteel. This section also designs and controls steel joints in a complete and accurate way.

Features of Tekla Structures software:

  • Ability to build a model of steel and concrete structures with all the details of real construction can be built.
  • Analysis and design of all structures in the form of 3D models.
  • Display the model made in the computer with details such as washers, bolts, screws, sheets.
  • Move in the model and see it from different angles, you can move like a supervising engineer inside it.
  • Ability to analyze and design a variety of structures in new versions.
  • Ability to generate workshop drawings for construction and installation automatically.
  • Provide a variety of material estimation reports and listofers for executive work, list of parts for bolts and nuts with length.
  • Ability to divide large projects into several parts for separation into several phases.
  • Ability to work on a project at a time to accelerate the project.
  • Ability to communicate data transfer and entry with other software such as: Pdms, SAP2000, ETABS, Staadpro, Microstation and…
  • Transfer of readable information by various CNC machines.
  • Provide cutting maps to minimize the dumping of sheet structures in the workshop.
  • No need for any manual drawing of the structure.
  • Design steel joints completely and accurately.

What you will learn in the virtual training course of Tekla software:

  • To learn how to make a three-dimensional model and details for concrete and steel structures

Prerequisites of Tekla software training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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