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  • November 13, 2021
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The Basics Of Designing Helicopter Engine (Flight Principles) E-Learning

Virtual training in the basics of helicopter design (principles of flight), with the aim of acquainting students with the principles and concepts of helicopter and flight is provided.

The helicopter is made up of the two Greek words helicoid, meaning helical structure, and pteron, meaning wing, which collectively means the wing that moves in a spiral. In fact, a helicopter is a flying device that derives its lifting and propulsive force from a rotating wing. As you know, an airplane needs a lift to take off from the ground and climb, which requires air to pass over the wing. Because the wing is mounted and fixed on the aircraft, the aircraft must move and speed relative to the adjacent air so that the wing can produce the lift at that speed.

Benefits of Helicopter Design Basics (Flight Principles):
Familiarity with the basics of helicopters
Familiarity with helicopter angle
Familiarity with the landing area, sitting and getting up
Familiarity with the basics of helicopter design
List of Helicopter Design Basics (Flight Principles) Virtual Training Course:

  • Model airplanes
  • Flight mechanics
  • Drone
  • Angle and helicopter
  • Helicopter design basics
  • Landing area officer and sitting and getting up officer
  • Noise and vibration of the aircraft cabin

Helicopter design basics training course (flight principles) is useful for the following disciplines:

  • Aviation disciplines
  • Flight care
  • Air navigation
  • Piloting (helicopters, military aircraft, and civilian aircraft)

Prerequisites for this course:

Helicopter design basics course (flight principles) does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the ground up.

*** Dear applicants to participate in this training course must have at least a bachelor’s degree in related fields ***

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