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  • November 13, 2021
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Vegetable Producer In Wooden Greenhouses E-Learning

Virtual training of vegetable growers in wooden greenhouses is an occupation in the field of agriculture that is associated with occupations such as food buyers and food sellers.

Summary of this course:

Greenhouse definition:
Greenhouse refers to a limited space that can control the appropriate environmental conditions for the growth of plants from different areas during different seasons of the year. According to this definition, one of the functions of a greenhouse is to provide the necessary environmental conditions for a certain product. Greenhouses are divided into fixed and mobile types according to the type of building materials used in them. Fixed greenhouses are greenhouses in which the building materials used are made of durable and durable materials. So you have to use them for years.

Wooden greenhouses:
The main structure of these greenhouses is made of wood with a plastic cover. The height of these structures is 2 to 3 meters and there is no proper heating and ventilation system. And due to its low altitude, it is not suitable for growing crops such as cucumbers and tomatoes. The advantage of these greenhouses is the cheap construction price of each unit. However, due to the unsuitable indoor environment for plant growth, production per unit area is usually much lower compared to modern greenhouses. For the reasons mentioned, this type of greenhouse has not been developed and the wooden greenhouses that have already been built are gradually becoming modern greenhouses.

Vegetable grower virtual training course topics in wooden greenhouses:

  • Locating the construction of the greenhouse and selecting the appropriate structure and equipment for it
  • Preparing the culture medium in the greenhouse
  • Operation of planting all kinds of greenhouse vegetables
  • Operated a variety of greenhouse vegetables
  • Operation of harvesting all kinds of greenhouse vegetables
  • Timely marketing, sales and marketing of the product

Prerequisites for training vegetable growers in wooden greenhouses:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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