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  • November 13, 2021
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Weed Operations E-Learning

The virtual training of weed weeding operations has been created for the complete acquaintance of people with weed weeding operations. Weeds are a group of plants that grow in the field or garden against their will. Wheat plants may be found on the barley field that are removed as weeds, although the economic value of wheat is greater than that of barley. Sometimes weeds are not killed by conventional methods of control due to their high resistance.

A weed is a plant whose presence is more than beneficial where it grows. Wheat is said to be a weed in the barley field. That is, even though it has wheat because it is grown by car. And it was not the purpose of cultivation, it is a weed. Weeds that grow on a farm, such as cheese and dandelion, are always considered weeds. But some are not always called weeds. Whether a weed is known or not depends on the problems it produces.

Definition of weed weeding:
Weeding and weeding are those tillage operations that are done after sowing. Weeding and weeding are stages. Both of these operations are performed simultaneously by a weeding machine or cultivator.

Weeding is the removal of weeds mechanically. Weeds are the plant’s competitors in absorbing food and using water, light and air. For this reason, farmers try different methods to get rid of weeds. Weeding is done in the following two ways: – Manual weeding with a shovel, seal and ax by the worker. – Machine weeding is done with a cultivator and in row crops. If chemical herbicides are used, the number and frequency of weeding required will be reduced.

Virtual weed training course topics:
Selecting lands that need weeding
Weed weeding operation
Collect and organize weeds
wATERING systems
Prerequisites for weed weeding:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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