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  • November 13, 2021
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Welding Inspection E_learning

Weld inspection virtual training course typically includes a series of quality control checks performed by welding inspectors.

Welded structures need to be inspected at various stages before construction, during construction and after construction. Weld inspection can give the employer the assurance that the work is being performed in accordance with standard instructions.

To ensure the quality of the weld and its compliance with the requirements of the design, all factors affecting welding must be inspected. This ensures that the welded joints are of the required quality and suitable for the right purpose.

Depending on factors such as joint configuration, material type, thickness, location, etc., a wide range of welding inspection methods may be used.

Benefits of Weld Inspection Training Course:

All the basics of this important task will be taught and explained to a professional welding inspector.
Knowledge of different welding methods and familiarity with different standards.
Knowledge of welding supplies and materials.
Recognize the forms that a welding inspector should know.
Full knowledge of welding defects, causes and troubleshooting.
Map reading and identification of inspection standards.
List of welding inspection virtual training courses:
Understand welding methods
Welding inspection methods
Welding standards
Recognize the types of welding defects
Non-destructive inspection
Weld inspection is useful for the following strands:
Metallurgical Engineering
Welding Engineering
mechanical engineering
Materials Engineering
Metal Industry Engineering
Civil Engineering
Course prerequisites:
It does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

The reason for the popularity of this course is the need for a quality control manager or welding supervisor in various industries. By passing this course, you can work as an inspection or quality control of welding anywhere in the world.

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