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  • November 13, 2021
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Wheat Cultivation E-Learning

Virtual training in wheat cultivation is a job in the field of agriculture (horticultural affairs) that is related to the occupations of farmers 1 and 2.

Given the growing demand for water in Iran and its supply constraints, the optimal management of water resources should be considered by planners and operators. One of the solutions for managing inputs, determining the economic value of inputs, including water in the production of various agricultural products Is. In the comprehensive standard, he is fully acquainted with the principles of wheat cultivation in areas with low rainfall. And can use the existing potentials to produce quality products in terms of quantity and quality. In addition to protecting natural resources, help in the per capita production of wheat in the country. And to reach a favorable position economically

Summary of this course:

Wheat cultivation operations:
The purpose of agrotechnical operations is to provide favorable conditions for the manifestation of the genetic potential of different wheat cultivars and therefore knowledge of plant photology is of special importance in planning agrotechnical operations.
Determining the need of wheat plant in each phenological stage determines the operations required for the crop required by the plant, and with this knowledge, if the necessary facilities are provided and possible, it is possible to demonstrate the genetic potential of the plant.

Phenological stages of wheat include:

1- Seed germination 2- Germination 3- Claw 4- Stem 5 5- Spike 6- Flowering and inoculation and seed formation 7- Seed ripening.

Wheat cultivation virtual training course topics:

  • Diagnosis of wheat and its types
  • Tillage operations and land preparation
  • Wheat cultivation operations with observance of cultivation frequency
  • Operated wheat
  • Wheat harvesting and storage operations
  • Applying occupational safety and health regulations in the workplace

Prerequisites for a wheat cultivation training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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