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  • November 13, 2021
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Wheat Dry Farming E-Learning

Virtual training of wheat threshing is one of the competencies of the occupational affairs department of agriculture. Which is related to occupations such as agriculture, horticulture and… Given the growing demand for water in Iran and its supply constraints, the optimal management of water resources should be considered by planners and operators. One of the solutions for managing inputs, determining the economic value of inputs, including water in the production of various agricultural products Is. In the comprehensive standard, he is fully acquainted with the principles of wheat cultivation in areas with low rainfall. And can use the existing potentials to produce quality products in terms of quantity and quality. In addition to protecting natural resources, help in the per capita production of wheat in the country. And reach a favorable position economically.

Summary of this course:

Important and effective factors in the production of dryland wheat are:

  • Wheat cultivars and their genetic potential
  • Environmental factors (such as the amount and temporal distribution of rainfall, temperature, relative humidity and heat)
  • Application of research findings (preparation of seedbed according to the principles of conservation tillage, planting date, planting depth, rotation, proper management and timely consumption of inputs)
  • Crop and farm management

Seed selection:
Factors that are very important in choosing the type of seed and should be considered when choosing a seed include high seed vigor, seed purity and not mixing with the seeds of other crops. Also, the plant and product of this seed should have desirable properties such as regional and high yield and disease resistance and the quality of the bakery should be desirable and the seed should be disinfected with fungicides.

Wheat Drying Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Preparation of dryland wheat cultivation site
  • Rainfed wheat planting
  • Dryland had wheat
  • Dry wheat harvest
  • Softening and combating wheat age

Prerequisites for Wheat Drying Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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