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  • November 14, 2021
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Aquaponics Operator E-Learning

Virtual aquaponics cultivation training (combined fish and plant breeding) is a job of the Horticultural Horticultural Agriculture Group, which is associated with professions such as hydroponic greenhouse production manager and fish farming. This job is a combination of fish farming (Aquaculture) and plant breeding (Hydroponic) in circulatory systems.

Summary of this course:
Aquaponics is an integrated biological system that consists of two main elements. Aquaculture subsystem, consisting of fish and other aquatic animal environments. And hydroponic subsystem, consisting of plants grown hydroponically.

These two components interact with each other in the aquatic environment and aquaponics occur in its cycle. Water contains animal waste, which provides the nutrients needed for plant growth. In contrast, plants consume a lot of nitrogen and deliver purified water to the tank.

In another definition: the Aquaponic system is one of the circulating aquaculture systems in which plant cultivation is without soil. Circulation systems are designed to increase fish production in relatively small volumes of water and remove waste products from the water, as well as make it possible for the producer to reuse water. Nutrients that are excreted directly by fish, or released by the activity of microbes on organic waste, are absorbed by plants grown in the hydroponic system. The food given to the fish provides most of the nutrients for the plant. When the aquaculture effluent flows into the hydroponic system, the fish’s metabolic wastes are removed by salinization and direct plant uptake, and the treated water is returned to the rearing tank for reuse.

Topics of Aquaponic Cultivation Virtual Training Course:

  • Choosing the right greenhouse and its equipment and supplies
  • Design of cultivation system and preparation of plant and fish growth substrate
  • Selection and feeding of fish for the aquaponic system
  • Selection of plants suitable for aquaponic environment
  • Nutritional control of plants and pests and diseases in the aquaponic system
  • Control of aquaponic rotation systems
  • Economic planning and analysis of the aquaponic system

Prerequisites for aquaponic cultivation training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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