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  • November 14, 2021
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Arable And Horticultural Plantes Tissue Culture Operator E-Learning

Virtual training of tissue culture carver for horticultural and agricultural plants, plant a tissue culture worker is a person who is able to work in tissue culture laboratory and also has the ability to create a plant culture medium and take micro samples and plant production from it and root samples.

Training skills you will gain in this course:

  • Separate the sample from the end meristem
  • Separation of explants from anthers, leaves, buds, embryos
  • Separation of specimens from lateral meristem
  • Washing and disinfecting seed and body explants
  • PDA environment detection
  • Perform disinfection test in PDA environment
  • Airflow hood seminars
  • The work of autoclave machines
  • The work of Avon machines
  • Weighing elements
  • Prepare disinfected orange juice and coconut juice
  • Review and categorize group elements in a stock
  • Construction of MS culture media stocks by Gamberg method
  • Making hormonal stocks
  • Instructions for making the culture medium based on the type of culture
  • Cultivation of explants in the culture medium
  • Divide the grown specimens and replant them
  • Transfer of explants to free environment
  • Wash the roots
  • Planting specimens in greenhouse planting beds
  • Investigation of contaminants in culture medium based on symptoms and type of contamination
  • Control of pollution in a proper way in different stages of cultivation
  • Control of phenol in culture medium
  • Control of glass prototypes

Carver’s virtual training course topics: horticulture and crop tissue culture:

  • Isolation of micro-samples of plants
  • Disinfect explants
  • Work with tissue culture laboratory devices
  • Preparation culture medium
  • Preparation of food stocks
  • Cultivation of manufacturing environment
  • Transfer of micro-sample to culture medium and micro-culture it
  • Transfer of production samples to the greenhouse
  • Control of pollutants in the culture medium
  • Analysis of types of rooting in production samples
  • Production of virus-free olives by tissue culture method (implementation of an instruction)

Prerequisites for Carver Tissue Culture Horticulture and Crop Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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