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  • November 14, 2021
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Assistant Producer Of Organic Fertilizers E-Learning

Virtual training Assistant producer of plant organic fertilizers (special people with special needs), this job with jobs such as assistant (producer of seedlings, producer of cuttings, grower of indoor flower seedlings, vegetable grower, grower of flower seedlings Seasonal plants, lawn mowers, weed growers, cactus growers, simple aquarium growers, gardeners, animal manure processors, compost growers and irrigators).

Training skills you will gain in this course:

  • Determining the appropriate place for processing organic plant fertilizer
  • Collect leaves, plants and plant debris with recommended specifications
  • Control of raw materials of plant organic fertilizers collected in terms of environmental pollution
  • Storage of plant material collected in the appropriate assignment until it reaches a certain limit
  • Accumulation of raw materials of plant organic fertilizers in the designated place or tank with a thickness of about 40 cm
  • Compress the layers with your feet or boots
  • Repeat steps until the capacity of the place or tank is full
  • Moisten the compacted layer with animal urine or urea fertilizer solution to the required level and concentration.
  • Shaping the surface of the mass in the form of a dome or fish pollen
    Cover the surface of the accumulated mass with materials in place (soil, nylon, etc.) so that it becomes impermeable to air.
  • Moistening the mass with nitrogenous water (from nitrogen fertilizer or livestock urine) to the extent that a very small amount of leachate comes out from under the mass and goes to the well)
  • Shaping around the site or reservoir so that the accumulated mass is protected from flooding and erosion.

Virtual training course topics for organic plant fertilizer producer assistant:

  • Collection of raw materials of plant organic fertilizer
  • Accumulation of plant organic fertilizer raw materials
  • Additional measures in the processing of plant organic fertilizer
  • Operated during the processing of organic plant fertilizers
  • Packaging and sale of processed organic plant fertilizers

Prerequisites for the training course of assistant producer of organic plant fertilizers:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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