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  • November 14, 2021
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Brunette New Year E-Learning

Virtual training for growing Nowruz greens is one of the competencies of the Department of Agriculture. Which is related to how to germinate different types of seeds, general methods in growing greens and general principles in making all kinds of suitable and ordinary models of greens. The skill learned after learning the course is able to produce various greens for the Nowruz market. Planting Eid greens before the year is a sign of greenery for the new year. Different types of seeds can be used for planting greens, such as wheat, lentils, sorghum, watercress and leeks.

Summary of this course:
Planting seeds in the form of a plate has two general rules. First soaking the seeds and secondly the resting time of the seeds, which leads to the germination of the plant. Of course, the soaking time of the seeds varies depending on the firmness of the seed food.
When the seeds are soaked and so-called inflated, it is time to take the seeds out of the water and put them in a cotton bag.
Dad. The bag should be stored in a dark place away from hot sunlight. So that the buds appear sooner. The bag should be constantly moistened with a sprinkler.

After the seeds appear, they should be transferred to the final containers. The best containers for this work are disposable and rectangular containers
It is hollow. The buds should be added in such a way that they do not pile on top of each other and it is not too stingy to cut the final greens. Then he took them out of the darkness and exposed them to the sun. Until the plant grows. Throughout the growing season of the seeds, watering by spray
it must be done. After the stems turn green, their water content should be reduced. So that the green has a longer life.

Nowruz Green Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Proper selection of seeds and seeds
  • Prepare a suitable field for planting seeds
  • Making all kinds of suitable and ordinary replicas
  • Marketing and sales of green products

Prerequisites for Nowruz Green Breeding Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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