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  • November 14, 2021
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Business Law In The Football Industry E-Learning

Virtual education explaining the basics of business law in the football industry is a specialized course in the management of football clubs and in the field of sports technology.

Summary of this course:
Sport is a part of our lives and a social necessity today. This phenomenon has always brought with it many business and financial issues around the world through the bringing together of games, in addition to competition, entertainment and culture. Commercializing sports is so common that competition between clubs or sports associations and athletes is taking place not only on the competition field but also in the business world to earn huge profits. Many sports clubs, teams and associations and international sports institutions, including the International Olympic Committee and FIFA, on the one hand, and athletes on the other, have actively exploited their intellectual and sporting property. And astronomical incomes have been obtained from the optimal use of their intellectual and sports assets. Which is sometimes several times the amount they earn in sports competition.

The topics of marketing and advertising, sports branding and athletes have become extremely important. And the role of intellectual property rights in the sports business can not be hidden. One of the most important aspects of the sports business in the field of intellectual property rights is the exclusive rights of athletes. Famous athletes today are very vigilant about protecting their image and personality rights. And using the resulting trademark, they have registered their names and images as trademarks. Through licensing and sponsorship agreements, they receive large sums of money from companies they want to join to develop their product markets. This has led to their signs and images becoming famous international brands.

Virtual training course topics explaining the basics of business law in the football industry:

  • Review of general business law
  • Review of merchants and commercial transactions
  • Review of commercial companies
  • Review of commercial documents
  • Review of commercial contracts
  • Review of intellectual property rights
  • Check bankruptcy and its effects

Prerequisite for the course explaining the basics of commercial law in the football industry:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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