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  • November 14, 2021
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Cactus Breeding E-Learning

Virtual training for growing cacti, this competency includes the ability to prepare the right substrate, sow seeds, stem cuttings, cuttings, care for growing plants and prepare the product for marketing.

Summary of this course:
The most common method of propagating cacti is the Cutting method. Cutting cacti depends on the season and the best season for it is early summer. They are grown in a light bed and environment with sufficient moisture with regular irrigation.
But before the cactus cuttings, especially carnivorous cacti such as cereus, enter the culture media, the leachate of the plant must be cut off. To do this, the cuttings or cuttings of the cactus were previously exposed to direct sunlight for several hours in the summer until the leachate flow was cut off and then cultivated.

Growing cacti:
The soil composition of cacti should be sand and clay and a higher percentage of sand or gravel. Cacti need regular watering at longer intervals than usual plants, and the number and frequency of watering can be adjusted depending on the growth rate and season. Cacti grow in warm, bright areas because they are native to Latin America. Cacti need a lot of light and in low light environments they usually grow grassy and their appearance is out of cactus state.

Cactus Breeding Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Preparing cactus planting material
  • Prepare and sow seeds
  • Prepare and plant stem cuttings
  • Preparing and planting cuttings
  • Take care of the seeds of cacti that are germinating and growing
  • Caring for cactus stem cuttings in rooting and growing
  • Take care of growing cactus rootstocks
  • Take care of the whole cactus plant
  • Preparing for market release

Prerequisites for a cactus breeding training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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