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  • November 14, 2021
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Cultivation Of Hydroponic Greenhouse E-Learning

Virtual training of hydroponic greenhouse cultivator is a job in the field of agriculture that has tasks such as hydroponic cultivation, selection of greenhouse and its equipment and supplies, disinfection and land preparation, cultivation bed and plant nutritional conditions and study of biological and non-biological stresses. Examining the signs of nutrient deficiency and excess, analysis of laboratory results and formulation of nutrient solutions in various hydroponic systems, and by monitoring the hydroponic nutrition system, it will be possible to achieve a healthy product with high quality and quantity in the market. Appeared.

Summary of this course:
The soil culture medium is the best choice as a natural environment for the plant. In fact, the soil, while supporting the plant, provides the plant with the nutrients it needs, such as water and other elements. For the crop to be successful, the soil must be free of pathogens, pests and weeds, and it must be suitable in terms of pH and EC. Otherwise, if the soil is not suitable, the soil must be improved before planting.
Soil remediation in several acres is economically justified. However, in many cases, the constraints that soil imposes on us prevent the farmer from achieving the best performance. The technology of planting plants in a soilless environment using nutrient solutions is called hydroponics. In the hydroponic system, all the needs and nutrients needed by the plant are provided through the solution.

Virtual training courses for hydroponic greenhouse cultivators:

  • Check the types of greenhouses, their equipment and systems
  • Review of various hydroponic cultivation methods and their equipment
  • Investigate plant needs and the role of each element in plant growth
  • Examination of symptoms was more and lack of nutrients in plants
  • Calculate the amount of elements in the nutrient solution of hydroponic culture system
  • Cultivation of seeds and seedlings
  • Pruning and guiding the plant on the caretaker
  • Control of pests and diseases in the greenhouse
  • Harvest, maintain and update the product

Prerequisites for hydroponic greenhouse cultivator training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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