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  • November 14, 2021
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Cultivator Cucurbitacea E-Learning

Pumpkin cultivation-summer training is one of the occupations of the agricultural affairs group, which is related to jobs such as fruit sellers in fruit and vegetable fields and consumers, as well as melon producers and experts in agricultural service centers.

Summary of this course:
Summer cropping methods:

A) Spraying method: It is done as soon as possible without order. In this method, in large crops, all crop care, especially weed control, is difficult or even impossible. It becomes.

B) Row or linear method: In this method, more work and more time are needed, but this problem is later compensated due to the ease of agricultural care. Planting rows are pulled further from north to south due to more light absorption. Easier weeding, less seed consumption and other crop care are easy to do, which is one of the benefits of this method.

C) Heap method: Planting a number of vegetables and especially grain vegetables is done in this way. In seed vegetables and squash, dig a pit 3-5 cm deep and place 2 seeds in each pit at regular intervals, cover it with soil.

The topics of the virtual training course of squash cultivation – summer work:

  • Economic estimation of pumpkin planting production plan
  • Carrying out location operations for planting squash
  • Performing bed preparation operations for cultivation
  • Investigation of ecological needs and morphology of squash
  • Planting pumpkins
  • Irrigation of squash
  • Pumpkin nutrition and use of chemical fertilizers
  • Fighting important pests and diseases of weeds
  • Weed control of weeds
  • Harvest
  • Product marketing and marketing
  • Using safety and health ratios in the workplace

Prerequisites for pumpkin cultivation training course – summer work:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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