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  • November 14, 2021
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Designer And Manufacturer Of Terrarium E-Learning

Terrarium Designer and Executor Virtual Training is a collection of live and growing plants grown in glass containers or plastic bubbles.
They are located and depending on the taste of the owners can have a different view and composition. While this is interesting, it is also very fun and is the only way that plants grow indoors and in a relatively pollution-free atmosphere, and they have almost all the problems that we usually face in growing plants. The terrarium used today to grow plants in wide-mouthed glass jars is a small natural landscape device filled with living plants, sometimes housing animals such as lizards or some turtles. You can combine a view of a desert or a forest, a tropical forest or imaginary landscapes of flowers and plants.

Summary of this course:
In general, the containers used for the terrarium environment are of two types, open and closed, and basically, the items that can be mentioned include aquariums, wide-mouthed pitchers, fish tanks, jam jars or glass containers without use in various designs and shapes. In a simple division according to the shape of the dishes used, it was divided into the following three categories or groups:

  • Rectangular compartments
  • Wide mouth cups and compartments and round dishes
  • Bottles and containers that have narrow openings and the cultivation of plants in them is difficult and does not need a lid.

Virtual training course topics for terrarium designer and operator:

  • Analysis of customer needs in designing a terrarium
  • Drawing maps and equipment of different spaces of different types of terrariums
  • Analysis and selection of locations and equipment for different types of terrariums
  • Selection of structures suitable for the environment of different types of terrariums
  • Select plants that fit the terrarium environment
  • Preparation of soil and planting substrates in the terrarium
  • Maintenance and intensive care of the terrarium
  • Investigation of pests and diseases of terrarium plants
  • Presenting the final plan of the terrarium
  • Estimation of terrarium consumables
  • Marketing Terrarium

Prerequisites for the training course of terrarium designer and operator:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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