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  • November 14, 2021
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Designer And Preserver Of Floristry E-Learning

Virtual training of flower and plant designers and maintainers is a job in the field of agriculture that is related to jobs such as flower and plant sellers, producers, sellers of agricultural tools and equipment.

Educational skills of this course:

  • Use of first aid kit + Use of disinfection device + Use of fire extinguisher + Use of disinfectant and detergent + Analysis of global prices of flowers and plants + Analysis of prices of flowers and plants in the country + Application Economics (financial resources) in flower design + application of basic concepts of botanical language (botany) + classification of plants in flower design + use of botanical language in flower design + choice of flower occasion + choice of flower color in various ceremonies and occasions at the request of the appropriate customer Ability to buy + correct communication and customer service
  • Handling customer requests and objections + Filling out customer cards + Appropriate customer behavior + Flower design and color scheme + Flower design for different occasions + Flower container design + Ideation in flower design and writing a proposal + Using new ideas and Creativity techniques in flower design + Applying different ideas in different seasons + Packing flowers and plants in innovative packages and packs + Sending flowers to the customer + Decorating flowers using accessories and decorating materials.

Vertical training course for flower and plant designers and maintainers:

  • Applying safety, health and ergonomics in the workplace
  • Utilizing the economics of financial resources in flower design
  • Using botanical language in flower design
  • Customer guide to buy flowers
  • Proper treatment of the customer
  • Design of flowers and flower pots
  • Applying new ideas and creativity techniques in flower design
  • Wrap the flower and decorate it
  • Flower and plant marketing and sales (Internet marketing)
  • Preservation of cut flowers (cooking)
  • Work with tools and devices related to flower and plant design

Prerequisites for the training course for designer and maintainer of flowers and plants:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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