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  • November 14, 2021
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Edible Mushroom Production Worker E-Learning

Virtual training of button mushroom cultivation hall workers is a job of the agricultural group (agro-horticultural affairs) which deals with jobs such as Iranian edible mushroom producers, sellers, mushroom processing industries, and manufacturers of tools, equipment and machinery in and around They are connected abroad.

Tips a salon worker should pay attention to when picking mushrooms:

  • Some consumers are interested in eating small and small mushrooms and some large, so you should consider the time of harvest.
  • Mushrooms must be harvested very quickly and if this process is prolonged, the cap or umbrella of the mushroom will return and the spores or sponges will be expelled and the mushrooms will no longer have their market value and impact and naturally their weight will decrease. Of course, it should be noted that the picking operation should not be done earlier because it weighs less and is not economical.
  • The picking of mushrooms should be done carefully so that the smaller mushrooms that are next to them are not damaged.
  • If care is not taken at harvest time, the myceliums will be damaged and the newly grown organs will be damaged.
  • Only mushrooms that have grown enough should be harvested.
  • You should not pick small mushrooms.

Virtual training course topics for button mushroom breeding salons:

  • Selection of high quality button mushroom compost
  • Transportation and arrangement of compost in production halls
  • Control of mycelium stage of compost thigh
  • Perform dusting operations
  • Raw thigh mycelium stage control
  • Perform aeration operations
  • Control and control of pests and diseases of button fungi
  • Button mushroom harvest
  • Button mushroom packaging
  • Disinfection and preparation of the production hall for the next cultivation

Prerequisites for the training course of button mushroom breeding salons:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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