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  • November 14, 2021
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Feed Mushroom Farm Production Manager E-Learning

The virtual training of the production manager of the edible mushroom farm has been created for the complete acquaintance of people with the production of the edible mushroom farm. Mushroom consumption dates back to prehistoric times and probably during the hunting season, but mushroom cultivation has not been common for many years. At first, mushrooms were obtained only by gathering in nature, and no mushrooms were cultivated. Even today, only a limited number of mushrooms can be grown in greenhouses, and many edible mushrooms are always harvested directly from nature.

Production Manager Duties:

  • Quality control of delivered compost:
    From the beginning, the production manager must control the entry of compost and cover soil into the halls for each party (in terms of quality, temperature, etc.) and all raw material inputs, and identify any defects and seek to eliminate them.
  • Production planning:
    It must present its plan for the purchase of compost to the employer based on the volume of the halls and the sales plan of the mushroom and its labor system and the special conditions of the unit, and establish and implement a plan for soil and aeration of its halls according to these parameters.

In order to better manage the button mushroom breeding halls, it is necessary to submit regular reports on the condition of the halls and staff to the employer, it is better to prepare these reports in writing and deliver them to the employer. We will talk more about this in future articles.

  • Monitoring:
    The most important task of the production manager should be supervision. Daily control of the growth stages of each of the halls and while making the appropriate decision, daily report to the business manager and anticipate any problems in the future and any changes in the quantity and quality of the product to be reported to the sales unit for planning.

Virtual training course topics for edible mushroom farm production manager:
Ability to prepare the cultivation hall and schedule the cultivation period
Ability to fill compost in the culture medium
Ability to control the environmental conditions of the hall during the breeding period
Ability to irrigate the litter during the rearing period
Ability to control and monitor bedding in the bed and later stages
Ability to monitor and control the mushroom harvest
Ability to perform out cook operations
Ability to fight diseases and pests
Prerequisites for the course of edible mushroom farm production manager course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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