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  • November 14, 2021
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First-Class Agricultural Work – Advanced E-Learning

First-class advanced agricultural farming virtual education has been created for people to become fully acquainted with farming. The science of agriculture includes human activities that are performed in order to meet the needs of some plants and thus benefit from their maximum productive power. Or agriculture is cultivation and farm and the occupation of agriculture has a complex scientific background by which animal and vegetable products are obtained.

Agriculture is the process of planting, holding and harvesting plants that produce seeds for up to a year after planting. Wheat, barley, tomatoes and carrots are some of the crops. Agriculture is the opposite of gardening, which aims to grow trees.

Summary of this course:
Apart from interests, agricultural work requires very suitable and suitable fields for work. The cultivation of wheat, barley, cotton, tobacco, tea, soybeans, sugar beets, legumes, forage crops, vegetables and summer crops have one thing in common, and that is careful planting, holding and harvesting. Being careful here does not mean that you have to work with your eyes open. Accuracy in this work has a general meaning. All agricultural work is difficult and tedious. Apart from high physical abilities, agriculture also requires patience and sobriety, necessary knowledge and essential training of the initial capital, ie land and water. Agriculture is done naturally in the countryside and around the cities, although it is also done in small quantities in the cities.

Topics of the first-class advanced agricultural vocational training course: Advanced:

  • Ability to cultivate wheat
  • Ability to cultivate barley
  • Ability to cultivate rice
  • Ability to cultivate cotton
  • Ability to cultivate tobacco
  • Ability to cultivate soybeans
  • Ability to cultivate tea
  • Ability to cultivate sugar beet
  • Ability to grow legumes
  • Ability to grow forage crops
  • Ability to grow vegetables
  • Ability to cultivate summer crops

Prerequisites for a first-class advanced agricultural course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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