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  • November 14, 2021
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Flowers Seed Productor Operator E-Learning

Flower Seed Carver Virtual Training The Flower Seed Carver includes a set of skills that the trainee will be able to seed and deliver seeds to the market after learning.

Summary of this course:
Definition of Seed: In horticultural terms, any part of a plant that can produce a new plant is called a seed. It can be done in different ways
Increased plants. Planting seedlings (seeds) and vegetative organs: cuttings, rhizomes, stolons, onions (flower bulbs), cuttings (plant tubers), plant division, root division, pruning, dormancy, grafting and…

Production and breeding of seasonal plants:
The life cycle of this group of plants is complete from the time of germination to seed production in a maximum of one year and then disappears. Seasonal flowers grow with reproductive seeds.

To spread the fine seeds evenly on the plot, planting box or seedling tray, we must first mix them with aerated sand. In this case, such seeds are spread more evenly.

Seed germination:
Seed germination is usually well done at 20 ° C. In the advanced method, due to the high price of seeds, the seeds are planted in seedling trays with the help of a desktop machine seeder. Then the trays are placed in the greenhouse. These machines are set up so that one seed is placed in each tray house.
This simple machine has separate needles for each size of seed. If we want to ripen the seeds, we have to set the greenhouse temperature to 20 degrees Celsius, and if a chassis is used for this, then the temperature adjustment is done by opening and closing the chassis door or window, and since the adjustment Manual is less efficient, so you will face a decrease in germination.

Flower Seed Producer Carver Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Types of flower divisions
  • Application of propagation methods in flowers
  • Targets for seed production in flowers
  • Production of F1 hybrid seeds and types of hybrids in flowers
  • Prepare seeds from seasonal flowers (follow the instructions)
  • Packaging and delivery to the seed market

Prerequisites for the flower carver training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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