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  • November 14, 2021
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Geranium-Farmers E-Learning

Virtual training for growing geraniums, working geraniums, refers to the job of cultivating geraniums, preparing a suitable substrate for cultivation, weeding, weeding and thinning, and using a variety of geranium flowers at home, and greenhouses and space. Green pays. This course is related to jobs such as producers, greenhouse owners and experts working in this field.

Summary of this course:
The geranium flower is called Pelargonium spp in the scientific language. The origin of this plant in South Africa. Geranium is a genus of flowering plants and is a perennial herbaceous plant whose stem is slightly strong; But it has little endurance and is fragile. The leaves of this plant are solitary and single, often with earlobes and the petiole of their leaves is divided. They have many incisions and their leaves are claw-shaped and have essential and tuberous hairs. The front petals grow longer than the other petals.

Candlesticks need direct sunlight, but the high intensity of the sun is not suitable for it. If you place the geranium in the shade and in the north window of the house, it will not bloom. In this case, the leaves and branches will increase and the reason for not flowering geraniums is low light.

Virtual training course topics for growing different types of geraniums:

  • Review and classification of geranium types
  • Planting and cultivating different types of geraniums
  • Maintenance of geraniums
  • Diseases and pests of geraniums
  • Geranium weeds
  • Production of seeds, seedlings and cuttings of different types of geraniums
  • Green space design with a variety of geraniums
  • Growing and maintaining different types of geraniums at home
  • Growing and maintaining different types of geraniums in the greenhouse

Prerequisites for the training course for growing different types of geraniums:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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