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  • November 14, 2021
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Grading And Packaging Of Crops E-Learning

Virtual training of grading and packaging of agricultural products is a job in the field of agricultural conversion industries that is related to jobs such as food buyers and food sellers.

Crop classification:
Due to the diversity of crops in terms of consumption and crop operations, they can be grouped in different ways. Based on the purpose of production and consumption, based on field operations, in terms of the growing season, based on optimal temperature and based on plant growth period.

Based on the purpose of production and consumption:
Cereals: A group of crops of the wheat family that are cultivated in different parts of the world and in different climatic conditions to produce grain, and their product is used to provide essential food for humans and livestock. These plants are rich in starch and relatively poor in protein.

Legumes: Plants of the pea genus that are grown to produce seeds. These plants are rich in protein and are used for human and animal nutrition.

Oily plants: These plants are from different families that are cultivated to extract oil from their seeds.

Forage plants: Plants of different families whose branches, leaves, tubers and seeds are used to feed livestock and poultry, whether fresh or dried and silage.

The rest of the content is included in the course and by purchasing this course, you can access all of these items and much other useful content.

Virtual training course topics for grading and packaging of crops:

  • Selecting and preparing a suitable place and preparing equipment for grading and packaging of crops
  • Preparation and purchase of crops
  • Sorting (grading and classification) of crops
  • Packaging of crops based on customer interests and market needs
  • Proper and desirable storage and maintenance
  • Marketing, sales and timely marketing of the product

Prerequisites of the crop grading and packaging training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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