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  • November 14, 2021
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Green House Cultivator (FogPonic) E-Learning

Virtual training of greenhouse saffron cultivation (Phoenix phoenix) is a competency of the agricultural group (agricultural affairs) that teaches the method of growing saffron in the air (ambient humidity of cultivated air) and limiting tasks, determining the plant nutritional needs, biostress management And does non-biological and greenhouse systems. And it is related to jobs such as saffron onion sellers, greenhouse owners, saffron growers and farmers.

Why should saffron be grown in a greenhouse?
By prioritizing the water crisis in the country, this type of cultivation is the best method for cultivation in order to manage water consumption due to its very low water consumption.

In the type of greenhouse cultivation, due to the use of large and high-quality onions without disease and storage in the best temperature and environmental conditions, the crop yield is much higher than the traditional cultivation method, so that the harvest of dried stigmas is traditionally per hectare. The average was seven kilos. This amount has reached an average of 23 to 25 kilometers per hectare in the greenhouse cultivation method.

In traditional cultivation, the flower stigma is exposed to sunlight, which causes the loss of aroma, strength, color and taste of the stigma. In the new greenhouse method, this problem has been eliminated, which in itself leads to a very high quality in the stigma, and this is very important considering the needs and competition in the global market and the miniaturization of brand-friendly countries. Harvesting saffron with this quality has a high value in the world market and is several times more expensive than other saffron.

Topics of the virtual training course of greenhouse cultivation of saffron (Fug Ponic):

  • Economic estimation of saffron greenhouse cultivation plan
  • Determining the appropriate onion and its storage conditions in the warehouse
  • Using greenhouses and appropriate equipment
  • Design and implementation of phoenix fugue cultivation in the greenhouse
  • Fighting pests and diseases and controlling environmental damage
  • Planting saffron in the greenhouse
  • Preparing onions in the greenhouse for transfer in the soil
  • Plant feeding operations
  • Product harvesting, processing and storage

Prerequisites for saffron greenhouse cultivation training course (Phoenix Phoenix):
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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