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  • November 14, 2021
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Grower OF Rosa Flower E-Learning

Virtual Training of Gol Mohammadi Breeder, a breeder is basically a job that performs all operations and planting, holding and harvesting of a living organism or a product in a continuous and continuous manner. Mohammadi flower belongs to the rose family called Rosaceae with the scientific name of damascene rosa. Which has a valuable product in terms of medicine, food and economy called rose. This standard has tasks such as: selecting a suitable place, preparing the land, propagating and planting dahlias, maintaining dahlias (preventing and fighting important pests and diseases of dahlias, harvesting and processing the flowers, maintaining the crop) after harvesting and Marketing.

Summary of this course:
Due to the wonderful aroma and fragrance of the Mohammadi flower, its cultivation for various purposes, including preparation of flowers and roses, essential oils, oils, cosmetics, and has always been considered. Due to the antiquity of Mohammadi flower cultivation in the world and especially in Iran and its compatibility with most environmental conditions as well as its many nutritional and therapeutic aspects, this plant is always used in various forms.

Growing Mohammadi flowers should be done in the highlands. It can also be grown at any height. But its growth in the highlands causes it to produce flowers of higher quality and better. According to the studies, it has been determined that the reason is due to meeting the cold need of the Mohammadi flower.

Topics of the virtual training course for growing Mohammadi flowers:

  • Select the right place to set up the workshop
  • Prepare the ground
  • Propagation and planting of Mohammadi flowers
  • Maintenance of Mohammadi flower plant
  • Prevention and fight against pests and diseases of Mohammadi flower
  • Flower harvesting and processing
  • Post-harvest product marketing and marketing

Prerequisites for Mohammadi flower cultivator training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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