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  • November 14, 2021
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Grower Of Capparis Plants E-Learning

Virtual training of logging breeding is one of the standard competencies of the agriculture group and includes the tasks of selecting the planting site, selecting the appropriate species, preparing the planting land, propagating it, maintaining and operating it, harvesting and processing logic after harvesting and marketing in Takes. And is associated with occupations such as seed and pesticide sellers, agricultural experts, perfumers and food industry companies.

Summary of this course:
In traditional Iranian medicine, various parts of logging or mountain watermelon are used as a liver stimulant and treatment of atherosclerosis, reducing bloating, anti-rheumatism and as a diuretic. This plant is spread on the ground and discussed in desertification. And controlling soil erosion has a great effect.

All parts of the loggia plant such as fruit, roots, bark, leaves, buds and stems of the plant can be used. The fruit and buds of mountain watermelon are used to prepare various food condiments such as pickles, salt and sauce. Similar to pepper mustard) is very noticeable. But the roots, leaves, stems and bark of the plant have medicinal uses. The product of mountain watermelon bears fruit from the end of June and its product is used to prepare pickles. Due to the great use of this plant, its cultivation is of great importance. Other names for this fruit are Chapel or Capparis.

You can see all the ways and methods of growing this plant or fruit by purchasing this course.

Logi Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Select the right place to set up a loggia farm
  • Select the appropriate species and propagate loggia
  • Preparing the loggia planting bed
  • Disinfection of seeds and logs cuttings
  • Plant maintenance and operations
  • Control of pests and loggia diseases
  • Logging harvesting and processing

Prerequisites for Loggi breeding training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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