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  • November 14, 2021
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Guava Cultivation E-Learning

Guava Farming Virtual Education has been created to familiarize people with guava farming. Guava fruit grows on a short tree with a short and wide crown, the tree has a strong trunk that can withstand several branches. The guava tree is 1 to 3 meters tall but sometimes grows taller. The guava tree is an interesting tree that also has an ornamental aspect. Guava leaves are 8 to 18 cm long and toothed. The guava tree produces small white flowers that eventually turn into fruit. The fruits are small, yellow, oval or pear-shaped. There are several types of guava that the flesh of the fruit may be white, pink, yellow or red and are available in sour, sweet and smooth flavors, the taste of which depends on the type of guava. In general, it tastes almost like a strawberry.

Ecological conditions suitable for growing guava trees:
wATERING systems:

This plant is highly drought-tolerant, but its best growth occurs when regular and intermittent watering is done to increase flowering and fruit production. In general, if drought and lack of water occur during flowering, it reduces flowering and thus reduces fruit production, and during fruit growth, it causes the fruit to shrink and wrinkle.


Guava tolerates all types of soils and even poor soils are only sensitive to saline soils. But to achieve ideal growth, it is better than soil rich in organic matter and has very good drainage so that the roots do not suffocate due to soil flooding. If the soil acidity rises above 7, it will continue to grow while showing signs of zinc and iron deficiency.

Light and temperature:

This plant is native to the tropics, so it needs warm air and full light to grow. However, on very hot days when the light is intense, regular watering must be done so that the plant does not suffer from drought. Guava can not tolerate low temperatures and is sensitive to cold.

Guava Virtual Agriculture Course Topics:
Review and selection of guava plant
Guava reproduction
Planting guava
Had Guava
Guava harvest
Prerequisites for Guava Agriculture:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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