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  • November 14, 2021
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Laboratory mushroom inoculation and propagation laboratory E-Learning

Carver’s virtual training of button mushroom inoculation and propagation laboratory is a person who, after passing the necessary training course, chooses the appropriate location for the Spanish production laboratory, determines the characteristics of the Spanish laboratory building, uses the equipment and supplies of the Spanish production laboratory, prepares culture solutions. , Prepare spawn raw materials, manage and control diseases, create optimal conditions in the laboratory, maintain and store the sponge of button mushrooms.

Summary of this course:
Button edible mushroom growing medium is produced and consumed only for growing edible button mushrooms. This substance, which is also called mushroom compost, is a combination of raw materials such as agricultural waste (wheat straw, poultry manure and gypsum) in certain proportions under certain conditions (temperature-humidity-oxygen) which after mixing, moistening and mixing, Disinfect, sterile mushroom seeds are added to it and prepared for the cultivation and production stages. The purpose of producing a button mushroom growing medium is to convert rotten organic matter into a suitable culture medium for fungal growth. Button edible fungi can not feed directly on organic matter but must be decomposed by microscopic organisms such as bacteria and some fungi into compost. Compost provides the materials needed for the fungus, so care must be taken in the selection of components and the method of preparation.

Topics of Carver Virtual Laboratory Inoculation and Propagation Laboratory of Button Mushrooms:

  • Ability to select the appropriate location for the mushroom span production laboratory
  • Ability to specify the specifications and features of the mushroom span laboratory building
  • Ability to use equipment, supplies and facilities of mushroom span production laboratory
  • Ability to provide different culture media
  • Ability to prepare span raw materials and sterilize it
  • Ability to perform primary and secondary insemination
  • Ability to manage the control of button fungal diseases
  • Ability to manage to create optimal conditions in the laboratory
  • Ability to manage the maintenance and storage of button mushroom spans

Prerequisites for Carver Laboratory Insect Inoculation and Propagation Laboratory Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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