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  • November 14, 2021
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Lawn Work E-Learning

Virtual lawn training includes litter preparation, lawn planting, and growing seed care using hand tools and safety tips.

Summary of this course:
The first task in land preparation is soil testing and determining the physical and chemical status of the soil. According to the results of soil testing, the necessary measures are taken to prepare the ground.
Proper soil preparation requires knowledge of soil texture and pH. Loamy soils are very suitable for planting. To prepare the soil for lawn mowing, clay, sand, or humus (organic matter) may be added to bring it closer to a loamy state.
Most grasses grow best in soils with a neutral to slightly acidic pH. If necessary, by adding the necessary materials, the soil pH can be changed from neutral to slightly acidic (by adding gypsum-sulfur and…).
After clearing the land of rubble, weeds and plant debris are plowed. And if necessary, organic matter is added to it. If 30% of the soil is composed of organic matter, it is suitable for lawn mowing.

After preparing the bed and leveling it, the ground should be rolled. Rolling promotes better growth of grassroots. It is especially necessary for heavy soils that have become too soft due to plowing; Because after the initial irrigation, due to the change in soil volume and its subsidence, the smooth surface of the grass suffers.

Virtual lawn training course topics:

  • Preparing the grass planting bed
  • Measure the characteristics of grass seeds
  • Spraying grass seeds
  • Grass seed cover and compression
  • Had actions

Prerequisites for a lawn training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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