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  • November 14, 2021
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Light Pruning With Simple Tools E-Learning

Virtual training of light pruning with simple tools, this competency creates the ability to remove dead, infected, crushed and excess limbs of the plant with simple tools, as well as proper training and shaping of the plant.

Summary of this course:
In pruning, special tools are used, which are:

  • Gardening scissors: We have two types of scissors. One is a short handle and the other is a long handle. Used for short pruning shears for pruning trees, thin branches and flowers. But long-handled scissors are used for pruning hedges and branches with thicker or higher heights. This type of scissors should be thin and very sharp.
  • Gardening knife: This knife can be used for cutting, grafting seedlings and trees, cutting packing tape, removing tree bark and even chopping tree stumps using a hammer and..
  • Saw: A garden saw is a hand tool that consists of two parts, a handle and a saw (blade) and is used for pruning light branches of trees. Since the growth of trees never stops, it is necessary to cut dry, annoying and diseased branches with a saw to beautify and strengthen the trees.
  • Ladder: It is a widely used tool in horticulture and industry, which is used to work at heights.

Pruning adhesive: The incision site is often attacked by a variety of pathogens and as a result, in some cases, causes the branches to dry out. They use a sticky substance to prevent these agents from penetrating into the branch. This material is called (pruning glue).

Light pruning virtual training course topics with simple tools:

  • Pruning tree branches and shrubs
  • Formation of shrubs and ornamental plants
  • Pruning regenerating shrubs and ornamental plants
  • Caring for pruned seedlings and shrubs

Prerequisites of the light pruning training course with simple tools:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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