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  • November 14, 2021
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Manufacturer Of Onion Flowers In The Open Air E-Learning

Virtual training for producing onion flowers in the open air, the standard of the job for producing onion flowers in the open air, includes a complete set of scientific and practical training that enables the Amour worker to plant and maintain all operations after the training course. And harvesting and packaging
And implement the marketing of onion flowers in Arad space in a scientific way and with maximum efficiency.

Summary of this course:
Onion flowers are extremely popular with flower and plant lovers due to their variety of colorful and beautiful flowers, and mainly large ones. One of the most popular onion plants is lavender, which is often used in Haftsin tablecloths. Other popular onion flowers include narcissus, tulip, iris, sage, gladiolus, and others. Onion flowers are flowers that are propagated by underground organs such as onions, tubers, rhizomes, etc. These ornamental flowers are very desirable for beautifying the yards of houses and apartments, as well as areas such as gardens, orchards and parks, and urban spaces in general.

Planting garden onion flowers:
Choosing the right place to plant onion flowers is one of the choices on which the future of your garden will depend. Before paying attention to the beauty and arrangement of flowers, it is better to consider the amount of light. Most onion flowers need a space that has at least 6 hours of direct sunlight during the day, and of course, the quality of the soil is very important.

Topics of a virtual training course for producing onion flowers in the open air:

  • Analysis of growth stages and morphology of onion flowers
  • Climatic and soil assessment of the region
  • Tillage operations, preparation of land, selection of cultivars and planting of different types of onions
  • Irrigation of onion flower farm
  • Determining the need for fertilizer, time of use and method of fertilizer supply
  • Fight against weeds, pests and diseases of onion flower farm
  • Support and maintenance of onion flowers in the open air
  • Flower harvest and post-onion operation
  • Onion storage
  • Packaging and marketing of harvested flowers

Prerequisites for training in the production of onion flowers in the open air:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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