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  • November 14, 2021
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Manufacturer, Processing And Packaging Of Wheat Germ, Mung Bean And Lentils E-Learning

Virtual training in the production, processing and packaging of wheat germ, mung bean and lentils is a job in the field of agricultural conversion industries that are associated with occupations such as food buyers and food sellers.

Summary of this course:
Sprouts are the basis of crop production. A bud, no matter how small, has all the traits and characteristics of a plant. Germination plays a very important role in plant yield and product quality.
Maximum yield and performance cannot be achieved without the use of good germination with all the appropriate facilities and inputs. It can be said that sprouting is the only input that can play an important role in increasing yield without spending additional costs.

The most important and basic step in a good crop is choosing the right germ. This means that the farmer must seek to select the type of bud that will perform best on the farm. In addition, determining the number of sprouts consumed is also very important and decisive. Germination rate is the amount of germination required to cultivate a certain amount of soil. The number of sprouts used depends on factors such as climatic conditions of the region, soil conditions, agronomic and managerial factors, and bud characteristics.

Virtual training course topics for producer, processing and packaging of wheat, mung bean and lentil sprouts:

  • Selecting and preparing a suitable place and preparing equipment for production, processing and packaging of various edible sprouts of cereals and legumes
  • Prepare and clean wheat grains, mung bean and lentils
  • Cultivation of edible sprouts of wheat, mung bean and lentils
  • Harvesting, collecting and storing the produced buds
  • Processing of prepared edible sprouts
  • Packaging of edible sprouts and their processed products based on customer interests and market needs
  • Marketing, sales and timely marketing of the product

Prerequisites for training, processing and packaging of wheat sprouts, mung bean and lentils:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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