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  • November 14, 2021
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New Reproduction And Cultivation Of Rose E-Learning

Virtual training of modern rose propagation is in the field of horticultural and agricultural engineers and technicians and with tasks such as soil preparation and planting site, planting new plants, irrigation, winter cold protection, pruning and training, reducing plant problems Roses are associated with reproduction, and this competence is associated with all employees in the agricultural and horticultural sectors and rose growers.

Summary of this course:
The appearance of the flower, its quality and longevity depend on the growing conditions of the flowers, the correct time of harvest and post-harvest care. Flowers grown under favorable conditions will have the highest quality.

Cut flowers from some breeds of one plant have a longer shelf life than other breeds. Therefore, when growing a plant to harvest cut flowers, we cultivate such cultivars. Also, during cultivation, we provide all the environmental conditions for the plant to grow optimally and become strong.
After harvesting the flower, by controlling the environmental conditions, the shelf life of the flower can be increased again until the inspection and sale steps are done.
One of the physiological features of a cut flower is the release of ethylene. Cut flowers that produce more ethylene wither faster.

Topics of the virtual rose breeding virtual training course:

  • Ability to classify roses
  • Ability to apply measures before and after planting roses
  • Ability to care for roses and fertilize them
  • Ability to preserve the rose plant and fight its pests and diseases
  • Ability to graft an eye on a rose
  • Ability to propagate roses through leafy and leafless cuttings
  • Ability to reproduce roses by Pajush
  • Ability to propagate roses by dormant branches
  • Ability to propagate roses by seeds

Prerequisites for the new breeding period of roses:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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