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  • November 14, 2021
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Organic Herbal Processing Operator E-Learning

Carver Organic Plant Processing Virtual Training is a job in the field of agriculture that is related to jobs such as organic and animal fertilizer producers.

Summary of this course:

Organic matter:
The various types of carbon compounds present in plant or animal residues that are in various stages of decomposition are called organic matter.

Organic fertilizers:
Fertilizers prepared from the processing of compounds of biological origin or unprocessed compounds, etc. or organic wastes are called industrial processing units that have been standardized by microbial decomposition. Organic fertilizers must contain sufficient amounts of nutrients needed by the plant to be known as fertilizer. These substances may not make the nutrients available to the plant immediately, but they do increase soil fertility.

Unprocessed organic matter (raw):
These compounds include plant and animal wastes and residues that have not been processed. These compounds contain a high percentage of carbon and a small percentage of nutrients required by the plant

Organic growth stimulants:
Organic growth stimulants are organic compounds that are added to the soil or sprayed on the plant to stimulate plant growth. For the application of the term growth stimulant to any organic substance, the amount of its active ingredient is the criterion of action.

General and essential conditions for organic growth stimulants:

  • No risk of contamination by human, animal and plant pathogens, plant pests and weed seeds.
  • In terms of salinity and foreign matter, do not disturb the growth of the plant.
  • The amount of heavy elements and pollutants in them is less than the defined limit.
  • Among the types of stimulants of organic growth, we can name humic acid, folic acid, amino acids and seaweed extract.

Topics of Carver Organic Plants Processing Virtual Training Course:

  • Accumulation of organic matter
  • Perform additional measures for organic matter processing operations
  • Maintenance operations during production
  • Packaging and sales

Prerequisites for Carver Organic Material Processing Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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