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  • November 14, 2021
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Organic Production Of Vegetables In Urban Homes E-Learning

Virtual training for organic vegetable production in urban homes has been created for people to be fully acquainted with organic vegetable production in urban homes. Today, due to lack of space and shrinking houses and turning them into apartments, especially in other big cities, flowers and vegetables are not grown as in the past. And only vegetables are bought by everyone ready. But unaware that many do not know how to grow these vegetables.

There are several ways to grow vegetables at home.
The first step is to select a suitable and standard seed; ‌ a modified seed that has reached the mother base. First, we soak the seeds in lukewarm water the day before planting and keep them in water for 8 hours to three days until they swell. Then we select and sift suitable soil and pour it to a height of at least 15 cm in a pot that has drainage. Take the seeds out of the water and transfer them to an old cloth or newspaper to moisten them.

We pound and level the soil surface and sprinkle the seeds on the soil surface at a distance and cover the seeds with a little soil. But note that if the seed size is two millimeters, a maximum of two millimeters should be covered with soil. Next, cover the cross-section of the pot with a newspaper leaf so that the seeds are just below the newspaper, and with a small sprinkler, pour water on the newspaper two to four times a day until the surface is completely wet and leave the pot in the warmest two to five days. Put it where possible.

Benefits of growing vegetables at home:

  • Growing vegetables at home in addition to harvesting has other benefits, including ..
  • Entertains and motivates
  • Keeps the indoor air clean and tidy
  • You consume your own suffering hand health product
  • You always get the freshest type of product and the fresh product always has tastier and higher quality foods and snacks.

Virtual training course topics for organic vegetable production in urban homes:
Choose the right tool
Determine the appropriate time to select the type of cultivation according to climatic conditions
Preparing the culture medium in apartment houses and urban environments
Planting seeds and seedlings in apartment houses and urban environments
Organic control of common pests, diseases and weeds on urban farms
Diagnosis of handling and harvesting in apartment vegetable products
Prerequisites for Organic Vegetable Production in Urban Homes:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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