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  • November 14, 2021
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Organoleptic Assessor Sensory Analysis E-Learning

Virtual training of sensory evaluation of agricultural products, the purpose of this standard is to determine and provide guidance for the selection, training, training and monitoring of sensory evaluators according to the international standards of the World Standards Organization, Alimentarius Codex and other national and international standard institutions. This standard provides guidance on the performance and tasks of the sensory evaluator. To improve the performance and job duties of sensory evaluators and their level of productivity and improve the effectiveness of sensory tests.
This standard is used for various types of sensory evaluation experiments in the agricultural and technical industries and research and service organizations related to quality control and hygiene of the evaluated products.

Summary of this course:
Sensory assessment or sensory evaluation of agricultural products is a method in which instead of measuring devices and instruments, the five human senses are used to determine the acceptance of agricultural products by the consumer. These methods are also called organoleptic. The use of human senses to evaluate agricultural products has many limitations. Because the sensitivity of the human senses on the one hand is a function of various factors such as race, individual, physiological age, sex and disease, and on the other hand is a function of environmental factors (such as cold, heat, light and pressure), psychological, social, cultural and Food and non-food tastes such as smoking, taking drugs and health products and the like.

Virtual training course titles for sensory evaluation of agricultural products:

  • Using the five senses to fit the sensory assessment case
  • Check all the positive and negative features of sensory evaluation
  • Evaluate the value of the intensity of positive and negative features of sensory evaluation
  • Use of tools and equipment required for sensory assessment test
  • Complete sensory evaluation forms

Prerequisites for the course of sensory evaluation of agricultural products:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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