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  • November 14, 2021
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Ornamental Plants Tissue Culture Operator E-Learning

Carver virtual culture training of ornamental plants is a job that is responsible for recognizing the types of ornamental plants and also is aware of their propagation methods, includes work in tissue culture laboratory and considers ornamental plants as propagation by tissue culture.

Summary of this course:
The principles of plant tissue culture are very simple and are essentially an attempt by which an explant can be propagated in the laboratory and under controlled environmental conditions, free of inter-organ, inter-tissue and intercellular interactions.

The most common culture in plant tissue culture is callus culture, which is a tissue composed of undifferentiated and unorganized cells. Meristems, stem tips, lateral buds, leaves, petioles, anthers, ovaries, eggs, embryos, etc. can also be used as micro-samples for plant tissue culture.

The plant tissue culture technique is widely used to propagate ornamental shrubs and trees, but due to the difficulty of growing perennials compared to herbaceous plants, the use of this technique in this field is less than other plants.

In most woody plants, micro-specimens of aerial parts such as branch ends and lateral buds are used first; Because they are a good source of tissue preparation, they solve the problems of seasonal growth, dormancy and long culture time and are easily established in the culture medium.

Topics of Carver Virtual Cultivation Tutorial for Ornamental Plants:

  • Examining the types of ornamental plants and its division
  • Using methods of propagation of ornamental plants
  • Making nutrient solution and tissue culture of ornamental plants
  • Fantasy propagating plants
  • Transfer of microsamples to natural growth medium
  • Perform rooting of explants
  • Safety and health operations in tissue culture laboratory
  • Reproduction of begoniarax through tissue culture

Prerequisites for ornamental plant tissue culture training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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