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  • November 14, 2021
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Packer Mushroom E-Learning

Button edible mushroom packaging virtual training is an occupational mushroom packaging that can be used to distribute, control and arrange mushrooms and arrange in the refrigerator.

Summary of this course:
Mushrooms are usually packaged in plastic containers and refrigerated immediately after harvest to be transported to the point of sale. The presence of a plastic coating on them can greatly protect the fungus from the phenomenon of water loss in cases where the fungus is in places where the temperature changes.

The ideal condition for selling the product fresh is to sell the mushrooms to the wholesaler by refrigerated machines. And he also keeps mushrooms in the refrigerator. Avoid entering the fungus into an environment where the temperature changes. Because in such environments where the temperature changes, if the temperature rises, the fungus loses its water. And if the temperature decreases, water collects inside the container. Both of these conditions cause the fungus to spoil faster.

In the button mushroom packing period, all the tips and requirements are mentioned. And by learning this course, the student can receive an international degree from the Iranian Virtual Education Foundation, which can be approved and translated in all countries.

Virtual Training Course of Packing Edible Mushrooms Button:

  • Transfer of mushrooms from the initial cold storage (shock) to the packing hall
  • Grading mushrooms and arranging them in containers
  • Distribution
  • Edible mushroom slices
  • Perform stretching or wrapping operations and labels and dating
  • Arrangement of ready-made packages in die-carton and strapping

Prerequisites for the button mushroom packaging training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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