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  • November 14, 2021
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Peseoduseed Producer Operator E-Learning

Virtual training of the user producing seed-like seeds is a job that the user will be able to produce materials that can be used instead of seeds in plant propagation.

Summary of this course:
Asexual reproduction of plants

In asexual reproduction, cell division without chromosomal reduction (meiosis) is the basis. So that the plants produced to contain the basic genetic information of the mother. Cell division is done by asymptomatic (somatic) cells. Direct cell division is the cause of callus tissue formation at the wound site and wound regeneration and healing, and allows vegetative propagation by grafting cuttings and dormant branches. This method of propagation is also considered in tissue culture and new plants can be produced in this way. The living vegetative cell of plants has the power to produce a complete plant, and this phenomenon is called totipotency, and the produced plant will have complete genetic information of the mother cells.

Rooting means the differentiation of plant body cells in order to become root organs and perform root functions. Due to the vital role of the root in the continuation of plant life, the period of rooting of plants has been highly considered by researchers. Plant rooting is studied in two main parts;

What is the emergence of the root? What is the name of the first organ that connects the plant with the external environment that emerges from the seed?
Rooting of cuttings: In order to propagate plants, different organs of plants are placed in rooting conditions to create an independent plant.

Seeds of the quasi-seed user virtual training course:

  • Review of asexual reproduction methods
  • Using soil replacement substrates
  • Control of environmental factors affecting rooting
  • Examination of asexual organs that can be used for reproduction
  • Using a variety of new methods of seed-like production
  • Choosing the right plant and organ for rooting
  • Fight against a variety of common plant diseases in their eradication and disinfection
  • Applying safety and health regulations in the workplace

Prerequisites for the training course of the user producing seed-like seeds:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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