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  • November 14, 2021
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Plant Quarantine Operator E-Learning

Virtual training of plant quarantine control is a job whose tasks are:

1- Designing a system for issuing activity licenses and entry and clearance permits and monitoring toxins
2- Providing the field of activity of companies importing and producing biological control agents and non-chemical pest control products and equipment in the country
3- Accelerating the stages of risk analysis of plant organ imports
4- Facilitating the conditions and clearance of importing livestock and poultry feed required by production units
5- Facilitating the entry of seeds and seedlings of modified fruit trees to help the production and profitability of the agricultural sector
6- Careful examination of imported shipments and monitoring of quarantine agents, in order to prevent the entry of harmful quarantine agents.
7- Launching a plant health certification system in the whole country
8- Applying quarantine rules on about 18 million tons of imported cargo
9- Issuing import licenses for high-risk items
10- Transit Applying quarantine rules on transit consignments

11- Issuing transit permits for high-risk items
12- Supervising the health of nurseries
13- Inspection of pesticide formulation factories
14- Inspection of companies importing ready-to-use pesticides
15- Organizing, developing, equipping and strengthening quarantine posts, quarantine pest detection laboratories
16- Launching the disinfection certification system online and offline.

  1. Accelerate the stages of risk analysis of plant organ imports
    18- Utilizing the monitoring system of pesticides and plant pesticides and identifying the sellers of pesticides in the field of issuing import licenses and clearance of various chemical pesticides.

Plant Quarantine Control Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Inspection of cargo and sampling of packaged products of vegetable products entering the country
  • Quarantine examination of plant samples in the quarantine laboratory
  • Disinfection of shipments by heating systems
  • Disinfection of shipments by refrigeration systems
  • Chemical disinfection of cargo by gasification
  • Disinfection of cargo by unloading by autoclave
  • Plant quarantine by controlling import and export by methods of destruction and elimination or referral of cargo
  • Plant quarantine by controlling IP shipment login and PC shipment health certificate

Prerequisites for the plant quarantine control user training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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