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  • November 14, 2021
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Planter Of Artificial Gymnasium Lawn E-Learning

Virtual training of artificial turf installers is in the field of agriculture and is related to agricultural engineering jobs, sports stadium workers, stadium and physical education officials, and artificial turf installers.

Summary of this course:

  • Preparing the football field bed:
    Once the substructure is ready, separating coatings such as geotextiles and layers of compressed foam foam are spread over the surface.
    These coverings are also permeable and allow water to pass from the surface under the artificial grass and the depth of the earth with excellent speed and volume.
  • Spreading, cutting and placing artificial grass pieces next to each other:
    After the ground surface is prepared, the artificial grass roll is spread on the ground, and after making the necessary cuts by the cutter blade, the parts are carefully cut.
    Arranged next to each other.
    After arranging the artificial grass pieces, it is time to integrate. This is usually done with adhesive tape and two-component polyurethane adhesive
  • Add fillers:
    Today, most of the artificial turf for football, rugby and baseball in the world belongs to the third generation of this product. The inherent characteristics of this type of artificial grass make the structure of this product look low density and so-called thin.
  • Combing and spreading of fillers:
    This can be done by specialized manpower and machinery. These machines have movable combs and brushes that, in addition to spreading the material, also cover and stabilize the fibers.

Virtual training courses for artificial sports turf installers:

  • Analysis and comparison of artificial and natural grasses
  • Review and analysis of various types of artificial turf systems
  • Unbound artificial grass substructure
  • Reinforced artificial turf substructure
  • Artificial turf ground leveling
  • Maintenance of artificial grass

Prerequisites for the training course of artificial sports turf installer:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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