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  • November 14, 2021
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Planter Of Saffron E-Learning

Virtual training of saffron is a job in the field of natural resources, which is planted in accordance with scientific principles. The educational standard of this job includes educational materials such as planting and producing saffron, proper harvesting, drying and post-harvest saffron, packaging and storage of saffron.
The educational modules of this standard have competencies and capabilities such as recognizing botanical characteristics, suitable climate, cultivation method, how to select suitable onion for cultivation, irrigation, nutrition, pests and diseases and how to control them. Also, the correct method and time of harvesting flowers from the field, collecting flowers in suitable baskets, transferring them to suitable sugars, separating the stigma, observing hygienic points, grading saffron, which includes the stigma and cream.
This job is related to jobs such as barberry, cumin and other medicinal plant jobs.

Botanical characteristics of saffron:
Saffron is a perennial and herbaceous plant that flowers in early autumn. This plant has a tuberous underground stem called a corm, which farmers call saffron onions. The weight of onions varies from 1 to 20 grams. The flower is the first organ to emerge from the soil in mid-autumn. Each onion has 1 to 3 purple flowers and each flower has 6 petals. The female is located in the center of the flower and has a glandular ovary, and a thin cream comes out of the ovary. The yellow cream is divided into a transparent red-orange stigma with 3 branches. Three stigmas with cream, which is about 5 cm, after drying, form the same commercial saffron.

Job saffron virtual training course topics:

  • Select the appropriate variety of saffron onion
  • Basic needs for saffron production
  • Preparation of saffron onion
  • Cultivation of saffron
  • Storage of saffron during the growing season
  • Control of weeds, pests and important diseases of saffron
  • Harvest flowers
  • Extraction, drying and packaging of saffron
  • Marketing and economic justification of saffron

Prerequisites for saffron training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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