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  • November 14, 2021
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Planting Of Strawberry E-Learning

Virtual education of strawberry growers is a job of the agricultural group (agricultural-horticultural affairs) which deals with jobs such as sellers of seeds and tools.
Agriculture and experts of rural centers and sellers of agricultural products are in contact.

Strawberry is a fruit whose production will be highly profitable for growers, and a statistical study of the cultivation of this fruit shows that interest in its production is increasing. A prerequisite for success in producing familiarity with this plant is the physiology and precise cultivation plan. In this course, the aim is to provide explanations for general and useful acquaintance with the strawberry plant, growth pattern, cultivation methods and selection of suitable cultivars of this fruit.

Summary of this course:
Strawberries have a very short stem called the crown. The length of this short stem is a maximum of 2.5 cm, which is surrounded by a series of leaves. In the axis of each leaf, there is a bud that can become a lateral crown or a rosette or remain dormant. The strawberry crown contains a nutritious tissue through which vascular bundles pass in a spiral to enter the petiole and leaves. (Spiral vascular network). The leaves of the three-leaf clover are evergreen. The roots are primarily primary with a structural role and a number of secondary roots are sprayed to absorb water and nutrients.

Strawberry Grower Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Select strawberries and its varieties
  • Bed preparation and disinfection
  • Planting and propagation of strawberries
  • Operation had strawberries
  • Strawberry ripening operation
  • Strawberry harvesting operation
  • Product marketing and marketing operations

Prerequisites for a strawberry grower training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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