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  • November 14, 2021
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Pot Replacement Operation E-Learning

Virtual change of vase replacement operation has been created for people to be fully acquainted with vase replacement operation. Good plant growth requires good conditions, growth space, good soil, and fertilizer. If the pot is too small for the plant, the roots will come out and the plant will not be able to grow enough. Conversely, if the pot is too large, the plant will look small and the root of the plant may rot due to high soil moisture, and the plant will die, which requires replacing the pot.

Signs indicating when to change the pot:

  • The height of your plant is too high compared to the pot. If so, there is a risk of your plant bending over and falling. Or if this has already happened, you should think about changing the pot.
  • Your plant soil is depleted and devoid of nutrients. Healthy plants get the nutrients they need from the soil inside. If your plant soil looks bad or is covered in salt, mold or fungus, it’s time to replace the pot as well as the soil in your plant.
  • Tangled and protruding roots. It is difficult to understand when the roots are entangled. Because all this happens underground and is hidden from view. But if your plant has stopped growing or slowed down, you can guess that it is due to a lack of root space.
  • The exit of the root from the hole at the end of the pot and the slow growth of the plant are signs of the need to change the pot. Remove unhealthy plants from the pot replacement list as they may dry out after transplanting due to lack of resistance.
  • When you see the roots come out of the hole under the pot, or the roots are swollen and well visible on the soil surface of the pot, or at intervals of irrigation, the plant appears withered and wilted, or its growth has stopped or its new leaves They are smaller than usual and have become colorless and the lower leaves have turned yellow, it is time to change the pot.

Vessel replacement course virtual training course topics:
Select plants that need to be replaced
Prepare a suitable pot
Prepare suitable bedding materials
Fill the pots with bedding
Transfer the plant to a new pot
Guarding and moving the pots to the right place
wATERING systems
Prerequisites for the pot replacement operation period:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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