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  • November 14, 2021
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Producer Of Greenhouse Cultivation E-Learning

Virtual education is the implementation of construction and design of greenhouses for soil cultivation and soilless cultivation, is one of the occupations in the field of agriculture (agricultural affairs), which is related to all agricultural occupations.

Summary of this course:

Technical issues during the construction of the greenhouse:
After observing the principles related to choosing the place of construction of the greenhouse, the direction of the greenhouse, the construction area of ​​the greenhouse in relation to the existing features and also the construction of the required buildings in accordance with the design and area of ​​the greenhouse, it is necessary to pay attention to the following technical principles.

• The structure of the greenhouse should be strong and stainless, such as steel and galvanized.
• The use of bolted joints in the construction of the greenhouse is mandatory.
• The structure must be resistant to wind speed, snowfall and load of crop is grown inside and cover the load.
• The height of the greenhouse to the bottom of the gutter should be more than 3.5 meters and to the crown of the greenhouse should be at least 5.5 meters. Which varies depending on the region and type of cultivation.
• At least 25% of the lateral surface of the greenhouse, excluding fans and straw, roof and side vents.
• The use of plastic coatings with anti-ultraviolet (UV) properties is mandatory.
• The best time to pull plastic is on hot and sunny days. The plastic is relatively soft. And it stays better on the body. And after the air cools, it shrinks and becomes completely firm.
• Installing a climate control system is essential to control at least three factors: carbon dioxide, temperature and light.

Virtual training course topics: Construction and design of soil cultivation and soilless greenhouses:

  • Using effective factors in the design and location of the greenhouse
  • Location of various models of greenhouse structures on the ground of the place of execution
  • Using greenhouse components and fittings to design greenhouse structures

Prerequisites for the training course on construction and design of soil cultivation and soilless greenhouses:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up

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