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  • November 14, 2021
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Producer Of Olive Tree E-Learning

Olive Seedling Virtual Training The olive seedling producer is a job that produces and cultivates olive seedlings.

Summary of this course:
Olive is a subtropical plant. And it is planted in areas where there is no risk of cold and frost.

The olive tree is evergreen and its leaves turn yellow every 2 to 4 years and are separated from the tree (fall). If young leaves appear on the branch every year. The leaves are dark green and their dimensions are different in different varieties. The color of the leaves is dark green and covered with a layer of waxy texture, and on the underside of the silver star hairs, the above two factors reduce the evaporation of moisture and increase the resistance to drought and heat.

Olive blossoms usually bloom later than flowers of other fruit trees. The flowers are clustered and each cluster is composed of clusters and has 8 to 25 flowers. The color of the flowers is shell white and has four petals and four sepals with 2 flags and a female with 2 houses. There are two types of flowers. Complete flowers that have male and female organs and incomplete flowers that have only male organs. The number of flowers is extremely high and if 1 to 3% of the flowers turns into a fruit, it will be suitable and economical fruiting. Inoculation is done by wind and insects. Incompatibility of pollen with females is one of the most important known factors in other fertility in olives.

Virtual training course topics for olive seedling producers:

  • Materialization of place of reproduction and storage and olive seedlings
  • Propagation of olive seedlings
  • Maintenance of olive seedlings
  • Infecting and fighting important pests and diseases of olive seedlings
  • Transfer seedlings from Khafan to the main ground
  • Product marketing

Prerequisites for the olive seedling producer training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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