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  • November 14, 2021
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Producer Of Plants E-Learning

Virtual training of fruitful and non-fruitful seedling producer, the producer is basically a person who succeeds in producing a certain product by performing the operation of supplying raw materials and taking care of the propagated seeds or organs.

Fruitful and non-fruitful seedlings: Fruitful seedlings are those seedlings that sit on the fruit and seeds after the growth stages, while non-fruitful seedlings are seedlings that do not sit on the fruit after the growth stages. This standard is related to jobs such as gardener, pruner, transplanter, olive worker, pistachio worker, etc.

Summary of this course:

Difference between fruitful seedlings and non-fruitful seedlings:

  • Oxygen production: Fruit trees produce the same amount of oxygen as non-fruit trees. Also, because they feed through the absorption of carbon dioxide, they can be very helpful in purifying the ambient air.
  • Storage of air pollutants: One of the best features of fruit trees. In this way, such trees first store air pollution. And after converting them to simple sugar, they produce fruit or the same product.
  • Soil conversion: The soil around fruit trees is constantly increasing. Because these plants receive the gaseous compounds in the air and convert them to a solid state, the soil.
  • Preventing dust: Fruit trees have a great effect on reducing soil looseness and preventing dust or fine dust. Because they allow other rangeland and fruitful plants to grow next to them. Therefore, there is no empty space left for the soil to move with the wind.

Virtual training course titles producing fruitful and non-fruitful seedlings:

  • Select the required location and equipment
  • Production of fruitful seedlings
  • Production of non-fruitful seedlings
  • Maintenance and planting of propagated seedlings
  • Fight against pests and diseases
  • Product marketing

Prerequisites for the training course for producing fruitful and non-fruitful seedlings:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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