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  • November 14, 2021
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Producer Of Vegetable Seedling E-Learning

Virtual training of summer seedling producers has been created for people to get fully acquainted with summer seedling producers. Seedlings are small, healthy, strong and free of pests and diseases. Which usually has 4 to 6 leaves and has grown in a suitable environment and will be transferred there as soon as the climatic conditions of the farm improve or the greenhouse is ready.

Seedlings can be harvested earlier than those grown from seed. Growers who use seedlings can take advantage of the first markets of the season and reduce the time required to produce a crop to produce the second and third crops during a growing season. Seedlings grown in greenhouses can be effectively protected against environmental stress, pathogens and insect pests.

Seedlings can allow growers to establish near-realistic criteria for the optimal formation and physiological age of plants within field blocks. If the seed price is high, the use of seedlings may reduce the cost of a vegetable crop, as fewer seeds are used and the need for thinning and early weeding is eliminated. Irrigation water is used more efficiently during the early stages of growth. Transplantation requires both labor and more capital. Successful seedling production requires disinfected breeding tools, temperature and light control, efficient management of pests and diseases, and proper hygiene measures.

Virtual training course topics for summer seedling producers:
Preparation of suitable seeds for summer seedling production
Selecting the appropriate equipment and tools for the construction of the treasury
Construction of treasury
Sowing seeds
Seedling production
Take care of the secret
Prevention and fight against pests and diseases
Transplanting seedlings from the nursery to the mainland
Prerequisites for the summer seedling producer basics course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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