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  • November 14, 2021
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Producer Offcut Flowers E-Learning

Virtual training of cut flowers producer is competence in the field of agriculture (agriculture and horticulture) which is related to the professions of the seller of natural flowers, exporter of cut flowers and packer of cut flowers.

Summary of this course:
Reproduction: Increases through longitudinal division. Divide the plant in late winter, no longer by aerial dormancy and cuttings in the greenhouse. By separating the shoots with aerial roots from the main stem and planting it is propagated. Also, cuttings containing 2 to 3 leaves are taken from the end of the plant.

Cut flowers are buds (often with stems and leaves) that are detached from the plant that produced them. They are usually detached from the plant for home decorative purposes. Common uses are for placing in pots, bouquets, flower baskets or flower rings, and so on.

Most gardeners grow cut flowers from their own gardens, but in most countries, there is a significant commercial market for industrial cut flowers. Plant extinction varies depending on local climate, culture, and level of wealth. Most plants are grown for this purpose on farms or in greenhouses. Flowers can also be obtained from the wild.

Topics of the virtual training course for producing cut flowers:

  • Economic estimate of a production plan for cut flowers
  • Location for greenhouse construction
  • Land preparation and planting bed
  • Select a variety of cut flowers
  • Propagation of cut flowers
  • Planting all kinds of cut flowers
  • Feed a variety of cut flowers
  • Operation had cut flowers
  • Management of pests and diseases
  • Harvesting, packaging and post-harvest operations of cut flowers
  • Marketing and marketing

Prerequisites for the training course for producing cut flowers:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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