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  • November 14, 2021
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Production Of Cutting Seedlings E-Learning

Virtual training of cutting seedling production, this competency includes the ability to prepare a suitable substrate, planting suitable cuttings prepared from reputable centers, care of cuttings, transfer of seedlings to the second bed, care of seedlings until the market.

Summary of this course:

Cuttings are the part of a branch, leaf, or root that separates from the mother plant and is placed in favorable conditions for rooting.

Types of cuttings:
Root cuttings: Plants can be propagated in this way. Root cuttings are planted horizontally or vertically at the site. In the case of vertical planting, care should be taken that the side of the root that is closer to the crown is higher.

Branch cuttings: This method is more common than other cutting methods. In this method, the part of the branch that has a lateral or terminal bud is separated from the mother plant and placed in a suitable environment for rooting.

Sprout cuttings: If the amount of branches is not enough to prepare branch cuttings, which always have several buds, several cuttings can be prepared from one branch, each with one bud. In this way, the branch is divided into smaller pieces of 1-2 cm. Each piece is planted like a complete cut in sand or soil. Whenever the diameter of the main or mother branch is large, cut it in half and cut it, like a sapling.

Leaf cuttings: Sometimes the leaves of some plants are used to propagate them. A small amount of the mother stem should accompany the leaf when cutting.

Virtual training course topics for cutting seedling production:

  • Prepare the substrate
  • Planting
  • Care of cuttings
  • Transfer of cuttings to the second bed
  • Care of seedlings until the market release
  • Product marketing and sales

Prerequisites for cutting seedling production training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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